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Shiva Lingam

Found at the mouth of the Narmada River, one of India’s seven holiest sites, this river stone holds the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy. It’s a powerful stone of creation, also known as the stone of fertility. The energy of the Shiva Lingam connects you with the source energy that resides at the depth of your being, unifying the feminine and masculine aspects of being. Bringing you back to the current moment, the magnetic and lofty vibration of the Shiva Lingam connects with sacral and root chakras, encouraging creativity in all forms. Representing Shiva, the intensely beautiful Hindu god known as the most powerful of all, Shiva Lingam helps you overcome judgment and sensations of separateness, inviting peace,...

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Apophyllite: Presence and Purity

Apophyllite provides clarity by clearing mental and visual blockages to help you live in the present. This stone works directly with your crown chakra, building a strong connection with the highest light in the universe. This connection provides a clear path of spiritual light to enter your field, helping you to release any negative thoughts that no longer serve you. Apophyllite transmutes negative to positive energy, and awakens your inner wisdom so you can integrate that understanding into your current life. Because it forms in a unique pyramidal shape, it’s often used in Reiki, Vastu, Feng Shui and crystal grids.  Apophyllite physically represents growth, the mineral growing in layers, reflecting white light in every direction, many times forming with double...

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Rainbow Calcite

Our featured mineral for you today is Rainbow Calcite. With transparency at the atomic level, the crystalline structure of calcite is deeply aligned within itself, offering frequencies of transparency and oneness. The different layers of clarity you see inside calcite represents our growth; the rainbow reflections within point to our potential for illumination.Placing Calcite in your living space purifies and moves any stagnant energy; including Calcite in your practices of meditation or movement invites the most vital union of the soft and the stable. Since Calcite is a soft mineral, just 3-4 on the Mohs scale, we easily absorb its tender frequencies. Aligning delicate structures within us, Calcite brings harmony and illumination to your being, amplifying your purpose and clear vision....

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