Apophyllite: Presence and Purity

Apophyllite provides clarity by clearing mental and visual blockages to help you live in the present. This stone works directly with your crown chakra, building a strong connection with the highest light in the universe.

This connection provides a clear path of spiritual light to enter your field, helping you to release any negative thoughts that no longer serve you.

Apophyllite transmutes negative to positive energy, and awakens your inner wisdom so you can integrate that understanding into your current life. Because it forms in a unique pyramidal shape, it’s often used in Reiki, Vastu, Feng Shui and crystal grids. 

Apophyllite physically represents growth, the mineral growing in layers, reflecting white light in every direction, many times forming with double terminations. Apophyllite brings growth; the deep white and clear layers of this crystal become a transponder of sorts, connecting you with the universal energies high above to nourish your cells deep within.

Place Apophyllite tips in all four corners of your home. If possible, one in the middle of the home is also advantageous, as an aspect of a practice known as "gridding your home," which creates an energy field to purify your living space.