Ruby Kyanite

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Kyanite: Throat Chakra

Kyanite is a powerful cleanser and protector of your energy, and helps with corrections in your chakra alignment. It does not accumulate any negative energy, and is known for its capacity to cleanse other crystals. It is the definitive stone for meditation due to its calming effect. Kyanite also works directly with your throat chakra to pave the way for your self expression, truth and confidence, particularly when speaking publicly. Kyanite is a key aspect of any crystal collection.
Ruby: Root Chakra, Heart Chakra
This stone of sublime energy has an unsurpassed inner vibrancy that energizes and balances your chakras, physical energy, and blood flow. In grounding your personal energy field to that of the Earth, this Stone replenishes your energy, awakens your passion for life, and lends motivation to advance your personal and universal goals. Known for bringing a positive, clear mind, Ruby is excellent for grounding yourself in times of stress and energetic overload. Encouraging you to express love for yourself and those around you, Ruby can be a vital tool in recovery from trauma or addiction, healing your connection to your sexual body and your emotional body.
Dimensions: 5'' x 2.5''