Mordenite & Stilbite

Mordenite & Stilbite

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Mordenite: Heart Chakra

Mordenite projects friendly frequencies that assist you as you build relationships. Mordenite helps you reconnect with the relationships that mean the most to you in your life . Meditating with Mordenite invites the universe to be generous with you in matters of the heart, helping you focus so you stay on task, on path, on mission. Mordenite is said to bring abundance into your life.

Stilbite: Heart Chakra and Third Eye Chakra

Stilbite reminds you of your spiritual self, rejoining you with your metaphysical energy practices. It helps you set the circumstances of your life aside so you can focus on universal love, go deep within to locate your hidden capacities. Stilbite is a potent partner in psychic guidance and creativity.

Dimensions: 2'' x 2'' approx.