Large Shiva Lingam with Pink Yoni
Large Shiva Lingam with Pink Yoni

Large Shiva Lingam with Pink Yoni

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Shiva Lingam – Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra
This river Stone is found at the mouth of the Narmada River, one of India’s seven holiest sites, holding the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy. It is a powerful stone of creation, also known as the Stone of fertility. The energy of the Shiva Lingam connects you with the source energy that resides at the depth of your being, unifying the feminine and masculine aspects of yourself, which helps you see that which is hidden by your ego. Shiva Lingam helps you overcome judgment and sensations of separateness, allowing your creativity to emerge and shine.
Dolomite – All Chakras
Dolomite is a soft stone that brings calm, centeredness and balance, joining ​together all the energies of this realm ​to help you ​manifest your truth, whatever the circumstances. K​nown to be a loving stone, Dolomite ​brings​ positivity and generosity, dispelling negativity and toxicity​. Dolomite assists you throughout your journey so you can acknowledge ​and cherish the magic of ​simply ​being​ alive​. Dolomite helps in achieving balance and calmness, leading to an alignment with the universal energies.

Dimensions:  14" X 12" X 8" 
Weight: 28.6 lbs, Height: 14 inches