Honey Calcite & Chalcedony

Honey Calcite & Chalcedony

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Calcite: All Chakras

Calcite brings both internal freedom and spiritual freedom. Known to release stagnant energy in your chakras, Calcite works to align all of your chakras and keep your positivity flowing. Calcite opens your crown chakra to draw in the light and love of the universe, and circulate it through all of your chakras. It promotes relaxation and calms your busy mind. Calcite lights up your soul and gives it colour.

Chalcedony: Throat Chakra

Chalcedony is a stone of new beginnings, opportunities and fresh ideas. It aids and guides communication, helping you to remove fear and release doubt. Chalcedony holds creative energy that assists you with your precision and specificity, particularly in public speaking. Chalcedony is also a powerful cleanser, working to absorb negative energy and transmute it so it cannot accumulate. If you travel or speak in public often, Chalcedony is a capable companion.

Dimensions: 5'' x 5'' x 3.5''