Cavansite & Stilbite

Cavansite & Stilbite

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Cavansite: Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

 This beautiful, rare mineral helps you to develop your psychic abilities and your strong intuition. Cavansite works directly with your third eye and throat chakras. The third eye stimulates our intuition, activates channeling abilities, and aids with the creation of new ideas. Cavansite helps you take a break from your steadfast, long-held beliefs that may be preventing you from moving forward, helping you see your present life and circumstances in a different light. The vibrations of Cavansite can help you in your practices of visualization and manifestation, by offering you the power to communicate your visualizations distinctly and clearly.

Stilbite: Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Stilbite reminds you of your spiritual self, rejoining you with your metaphysical energy practices. It helps you set the circumstances of your life aside so you can focus on universal love, go deep within to locate your hidden capacities. Stilbite is a potent partner in psychic guidance and creativity.

Dimensions: 1.5'' x 1''