Apophyllite & Mordenite

Apophyllite & Mordenite

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Green Apophyllite: Heart Chakra

Green Apophyllite is a rare and powerful crystal, known as the stone of love and growth. This growth strengthens and aligns your spiritual and physical connection. It is a spiritual stone that stimulates intuition, and enhances spiritual clarity. It helps heal your perceptions of yourself so you can be more kind to yourself. It helps your true self shine so you can move forward with confidence. The clarity from Green Apophyllite helps you remain calm, reducing stress and enhancing your capacity to make clear choices. Activating your heart chakra so you can receive all the good things from the universe, Green Apophyllite is also known for its beneficial effects on relationships of all kinds, with friends, romance and prosperity as well.

Mordenite: Heart Chakra

Mordenite projects friendly frequencies that assist you as you building relationships. Mordenite helps you reconnect the relationships in your life that mean the most to you. Meditating with Mordenite invites the universe to be generous with you in matters of the heart, helping you focus so you stay on task, on path, on mission. Mordenite is said to bring abundance into your life.

Dimensions: 6'' x 5'' approx.