Ruby Zoisite Tumble

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Ruby Zoisite – Heart Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Third Eye Chakra
The fortunate combination of these two minerals creates the potential for inner and outer development. This Stone removes blockages from your sacral chakra, opens up your heart chakra, and stimulates your third eye chakra, your higher vision. Harmonizing your relations with others, this blend of Ruby and Zoisite increases your empathy and compassion, especially in times of grief, supporting your body in realizing optimal health. The release of current through these chakras amplifies your psychic abilities, and helps you sense your connection with your own internal energy field. Ruby Zoisite increases your potency energetically, and inspires you to lead and to serve.
Dimensions: 1'' x 1'' approx
*In the case of stones for which we carry multiples, we will choose a stone similar to displayed image.