Ruby Feldspar Egg

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Ruby: Root Chakra, Heart Chakra
This stone of sublime energy has an unsurpassed inner vibrancy that energizes and balances your chakras, physical energy, and blood flow. In grounding your personal energy field to that of the Earth, this Stone replenishes your energy, awakens your passion for life, and lends motivation to advance your personal and universal goals. Known for bringing a positive, clear mind, Ruby is excellent for grounding yourself in times of stress and energetic overload. Encouraging you to express love for yourself and those around you, Ruby can be a vital tool in recovery from trauma or addiction, healing your connection to your sexual body and your emotional body.

Granite/Feldspar – Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra
Granite offers an all-powerful balancing energy from the ocean and the earth. This Stone provides balance of nature, creating calmness into your being. The balancing energies of Granite help you control your emotions, promoting stability and grounding. Granite also creates balance in your relations. Carrying the energy of the ocean, this stone assists your mind to visualize the bigger picture, opening you up to see what you’ve been missing. Put simply, Granite helps you see the opportunities right in front of you.
Dimensions: 1.5'' x 2'' approx
*In the case of stones for which we carry multiples, we will choose a stone similar to displayed image.