Crystal Grid - Stability

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Crystal grids are used to manifest your intentions and goals. They are one of the most powerful tools used to amplify crystal energy and their metaphysical properties. Crystal grids are designed using specific sacred geometry patterns to create an energy vortex, which magnifies the vibrations of the crystals and your intentions. The combination and unity of crystals, sacred geometry and your intentions create the base power of a crystal grid. These grids are placed in your sacred space such as your Home (living room, bed room, personal practice room) and near your vision board for manifestation purposes. 

This specific crystal grid is designed and assembled on a wooden canvas. It can be laid flat, leaned against a wall or hung on a wall. 

Crystals displayed: Fluorite & Rose Quartz

Size: 12" x 16" 

Intended to bring harmony, protection, stability, purification, rejuvenation, love and peace in your living space. 


Created by: Aman Singh Mukar